Shirdi Saibaba Posters


Note- I took the purchasing option offline again as I don’t have time to focus on this work. I shall think about it sometime later when Sai makes me do it. Thanks a lot for understanding. Hope you find better posters of sai some where on net. If you still like these posters, do mail me.

For more than 9 years, Sai used to show me some dreams to earn a living selling Saibaba photos. Every time, I launch a site eagerly, I bring it down within a week or two due to some reason or the other.

I wonder why on Ganesha Chaturti day, September 9th 2016, I again got a dream to list some posters and sell it online. May be, Sai thinks I must work on it consistently.

These are the pictures I took back in 2007. Anyway, I am not sure what happens now. If Sai wills, I will continue with the website. Lets see…

So after 9 long years waiting for Sai’s approval, here it is…

Collection of 3 simple Sai.

Rolled, Packed and Shipping to you.

Across 3000 pin codes in India.

I Love Shirdi Saibaba Poster
I Love Shirdi Saibaba Poster
Happy Saibaba
Happy Saibaba

A request to devotees who wish to buy these Saibaba Posters:

1. You Frame

It will be great if you can laminate them in a local photo framing shop. I ship only rolled posters printed on a thick 300 GSM Art board. Due to inconvenience in Shipping, I can’t frame it myself.

2. You protect

Make sure, these Saibaba posters are never torn or thrown away after a year. I consider Sai really living even in a tiny photo I find by road side now a days.

3. You gift Sai posters only to devotees who believe in him

Though You might not need all 3 posters, I can’t offer them individually since shipping charges costs a lot for me. Kindly keep it safe or gift it to any of your friends. Before gifting Saibaba posters, ask them to clarify if they like Saint Shirdi Saibaba.

4. You worship Sai Baba

I have seen houses where there are Saibaba photos all over but none really bothers him and there are few who worship Sai, recite Aarti and offer food in a little plate to Sai everyday. I wish you buy these posters to feel the presence of Sai in yourself and your life.

Do not ignore Saibaba when things are not happening in your life. Make it a habit to worship Saibaba through his form and also internally by remembering him in your mind.

If possible, Light lamps to Saibaba in a safe place everyday. Sai has assured that he lives in every single Painting and Photos of him. So we must respect Saibaba photos and paintings as Sai himself.

5. You do not buy

Please do not ask me to ship it directly to your friends without their permission unless you know they really love Sai. Please do not buy these posters if you can’t afford it. I avoided offering these posters online especially since I never know how people will like it when it actually reaches them.

6. You mail me your Saibaba photos and experiences

I will be happy if you write me a mail about how much you liked it or even pictures of Shirdi Saibaba pooja in your home. If I have time, I shall certainly post it.

Hope you love these simple Shirdi Saibaba posters!

Shipping details:

The posters will be shipped within 15 days from the date of purchase to locations within India.

You can write me for more information –