I love Shirdi Saibaba

( I tried to sell sai posters from this site but don’t feel like doing as of now. I don’t have time to focus on this. Sai blessings. You can mail me if you still like these posters)

Sairam friends,

During various phases in life, you will come across situations when You realize Shirdi Saibaba is taking care of you unexpectedly. Sai’s love is like love of a Mother on her child. There are Guru’s who promise to save a devotee but they do not keep their words in the time of need. Saibaba on the other hand, saves a devotee from any evil ahead of them. The best characteristic of Sai is his ability to rescue a devotee from a danger in the last minute possible. ┬áHaving experienced such Sai leela during several occasions in their life, millions of people love Saibaba and worship him as a Guru.

I created this poster to spread this message that Sai will be with You, the moment you think of him.

Keep chanting Sai Sai Sai in mind.

Sai will show that he loves you as much as You love him.

I love Shirdi Saibaba
I love Shirdi Saibaba

Sai blessings,