Sairam friends,

Its been such a long time since I created StarSai.org.

I have been using this as a forum for Sai devotees which had over one lakh posts. Later, the site which I considered as Sai’s temple was abandoned. I kept it safe all these years and now launching it as a simple shop to sell Shirdi Saibaba posters.

Its been such a long journey. It started in 2007 when I first wanted to offer my Saibaba photos for devotees to buy. I faced some kind of problems every time I launched a site. Finally, I decided to launch it again and this time, I just wanted to listen to Saibaba’s words. Rest is Sai’s decision.

If it works, I shall continue to offer Saibaba posters through this site. I also have a plan to implement a Learning Management System for Sai devotees. Hold on for some one days !

Om Sai Ram


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